Thursday, April 12, 2012


Holy crow, so much has happened since the last time I wrote!! I guess I will start with the change of plans. I did not move back to Idaho. There are many reasons why but the biggest one is this; I found my eternal companion... That's right I am getting married. It has been a wild and crazy couple of months full of emotional twists and turns, filled with un-thought of scenry, all of it coming to this point.. But it happened:)

This whole experience has really taught me the true powers of the Lord. He truly sees me... After having Sarah I have had a constant yearning in my heart to find my eternal companion and to finally have that last piece of my heart replaced. When I placed Sarah I made a promise to my heart that I would never fall in love again, unless it was with my eternal companion, cause I knew I could never live through another heart break such as that.. Now I know I will never have to. Mark is by far one of the greatest people to ever enter my life.. I had hit a point inside myself where I thought I was going to have to settle with A: a worthy preisthood holder who would take me to the temple but didn't necessarily hold the qualities of The man I wanted or B: Have a man with all the qualities I wanted but not capable of taking me to the temple. My heart was so torn and I was ready to give up. I didn't want to have to wrestle with myself anymore, I didn't want to play anymore "games" with men, I just wanted to be free of it all. I was going to move to Idaho then to Germany in hopes that all the moving and adventure would give me a distraction from the battle within.

Then, in the midst of this internal battle this sweet bass guitar player from Diana's band asked me on a date. I was getting ready to move so I figured "heck, whats one more date??" Little did I know was that date would be the tip of my ice burg. He was upfront, honest, fun, thoughtful, he listened and most of all he cared.. I went home that night in a mental uproar. So many questions, fears and emotions were playing through my head. So in compiling all of my thoughts and emotions on moving verse staying, pursuing and moving on I decided to stay and relieve myself of the heartaches of moving back to Idaho, and enter myself in this new adventure. This new adventure that has turned from "The Crazy Single Life of Rosa" to "The Crazy Adventures of Mark and Rosa".

It has been so fun to begin the process of planning our wedding and future. There is so much to be done but none the less so exhilarating!! We will be sealed in the Idaho Falls Temple on July 20, 2012.

I have often sat and thought of my constant and never ending prayers to the Lord to "please, place The man I am looking for in my life!" I feel very strongly that He heard every single prayer, counted every single tear shed and that he stood by me through every moment. I have NEVER been left alone, though at times I felt I had. In those times, I now know, it was me lacking in Faith and Trust in my savior and I see now why he "made me wait". I wish I would have shown more patience with Him, but I now have the beautiful opportunity to build a closer and more understood relationship with my Savior. I get to now use the atonement again. I get to build and even greater and more beautiful foundation.. :)

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