Tuesday, February 7, 2012


So as part of getting ready to move comes the packing. I have been doing a little here and there but today Diana and I really hit to it and made some progress. As we are cleaning and getting rid of things we are finding that we are cleaning up more than just our physical lives. With each thing we toss out we find we are really cleansing our lives. Its like the things that smother us in our every day lives are finally being release, so as not to burden us any more. Things such as unhealthy relationships, getting rid of doubt, letting go of false securities, learning to trust our selves rather than depending on someone else to make our final desicions. These are things I know I have personally been working on and it seems the more I pack and get rid of things the more it resembles the changes in my life. It just makes me feel so clean and so fresh. I am loving this :)

This is the beginning of packing everything in the closet

The closet afterwards


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